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Meet Laura

Laura Charanza Coaching

Who is Laura Charanza?

Laura Charanza is a best-selling Author, Life Coach and Speaker. She’s also the founder and CEO of Fly Girl, a series of conferences recognized by counseling services nationally for their efforts to help women heal and flourish after toxic relationships and abuse. 

As a survivor of 40 years of narcissistic abuse, Laura learned the hard way how to not only survive, but thrive after such trauma. Laura has worked with psychologists, physicians, spiritual healers, and life coaches to learn what it takes to identify the abuse and overcome the agony and insecurity. Very few people truly heal from narcissistic abuse, and Laura is one of the few survivors who has found the steps necessary to recover. Her recovery empowered her to earn her Life Coach Certification in 2019. Laura is now a sought-after Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coach with proven programs to help men and women heal and find true love.

Laura’s journey also led her to publish her book Ugly Love: A Survivor’s Story of Narcissistic Abuse in October 2018. Ugly Love became an Amazon #1 New Release in the first 24 hours upon publication. Laura is working on a second book Girl, Get Out which will be published in Summer 2020. 

“I don’t want you to hurt anymore.
Your best life - true love - is ahead of you.“


Why Coach Others Through
Abuse Recovery?

Laura lived through more than 40 years of narcissistic abuse. First, Laura was raised by a narcissistic parent, then married a narcissist and was with him for many years. The abuse whittled Laura down to the shell of the person that God designed her to be. The feelings of being unworthy, unloved, and never enough stayed with Laura for decades. Laura would consistently hear the voices of the narcissists in her head telling her…

“You are worthless.”

“You are nothing.”

“No one could ever love you.” 

When Laura met with her life coach, she began to move rapidly toward healing and confidence. Now Laura lives her daily life with the sureness that she is more than enough, worthy, and amazing.

Laura feels like God has pushed her to turn her pain into purpose.

Laura has based her successful programs on her work in overcoming the hurt, devaluation and gaslighting associated with narcissistic abuse. Her curriculum takes men and women from broken to healed to living their best lives yet. 

narcissistic abuse recovery

Why Work With Me

A Letter from Laura

Dear Friend,

It’s so hard, isn’t it? You don’t even know who you are anymore. The person you knew before you met the narcissist hasn’t been around for weeks, years, or decades. Where did the real you go? You feel like an empty shell right now. Well, I do know the narcissist has stolen the largest part of you. The narcissist can rob you of your self-esteem, self-worth, and even sanity, through manipulative and insidious ways. The narcissist can isolate you to the point that no one believes the hell you are living through, and they call you crazy. I remember falling to my knees on my bedroom floor, asking God to help me find someone who understands. 

Well, love, I’m here. I get it. I lived it twice. 

Here’s some good news: You can survive. You can get through this. You can leave this secret torture behind and build a great life. Keep reading. You CAN get through this and get back to the best you yet.


narcissistic abuse recovery

Do Any of These Describe You?

Change Your Life. Start Today.

I believed those lies for decades until I met the life coach that changed my life. Now I want to change yours! You deserve to take care of you. No one is going to come in and save you. You can do what I did – have someone walk with you every step of the way as you save yourself.

There is peace and joy on the other side of working with me.

What to Expect When Working With Laura

Laura walks through the healing process with you. Her coaching programs center around one-on-one, in-depth work and accountability to keep you moving forward. Laura helps clients develop their abundant lives, which includes in-depth work in five areas:

Laura Charanza Coaching
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Are you ready to find true love and put your past pain behind you?  Are you ready for joy and peace? Laura is a certified Abundant Life Coach who specializes in Narcissistic Abuse Recovery. Work one-on-one with Laura as she uses her 40 years of experience with such abuse to help you build your best life yet.

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Laura is currently building online courses, including her Divorce Recovery Course.  This course will teach you how to divorce a narcissist and keep your kids, money, sanity, and soul.  Stay tuned for more.

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In additional to being a Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coach and Author, Laura is a motivational speaker.  She’s available to speak to audiences large and small, including men and women.  Click here to learn more.


Narcissistic Recovery Coaching Client Review

What Experts and Readers Say About Laura's Book - Ugly Love

Laura Charanza is the author of the Amazon #1 Bestseller, Ugly Love, A Survivor’s Story of Narcissistic Abuse. This book takes readers through a journey of 40 years of narcissistic abuse, beginning with a parent-child relationship, and ending when Laura divorced a narcissistic partner.

Important and Instructive Book. A Must-Read



As a psychologist, I see both men and women in abusive relationships with narcissists, but they inevitably blame themselves. Only after time (and often therapy), do they realize that 'they' are not the problem. The road to health and rebuilding can be arduous and long. Laura Charanza describes the abuse and situations in a uniquely insightful way. Ms. Charanza, as an author; has a style that is easy to read and relate to. For someone who is, or thinks they may be, in a relationship with a narcissist, this is a must-read. This is one of the best books I have read on surviving a relationship with a narcissist.

Dr. Ray L. Levy


This Wasn't the Life or Fairy Tale You Said 'Yes' To



First off, Ugly Love is the PERFECT title for this book, for this trap that we either are born into, fall for....or both. To give a detailed description would be giving away all the best parts of this book. A narcissist. Cruel, selfish, narrow-minded...destructive without remorse. If you’re living with one, read this book. If you’ve survived one, read this book. If you’re related to one, read this book.

Warning, it will trigger ALL your issues, but that’s an evil necessity. This book validates your questioning, suspicions, and unnecessary self-doubt. If you don’t know where to begin, to seek help, to get out, to search out your truth and seek help....begin with this book. Break the cycle for everyone involved.

***Somewhat of a spoiler....the section on divorce—I felt like I opened up parts of my own journal. It validated some of the choices I made. And sometimes validation is priceless.

Missy Block



narcissistic abuse recovery

Ugly Love:
A Survivor’s Story of Narcissistic Abuse

Laura Charanza is a survivor of forty years of narcissistic abuse. Laura has worked with psychologists, physicians, life coaches and spiritual healers to understand narcissism and a narcissist's victims. With empathy and transparency, Laura tells, first hand, the story of a typical and toxic relationship with a narcissist.

Girl, Get Out:
How to Divorce a Narcissist Without Losing Your Kids, Money, Sanity and Soul

Finally, a book that speaks specifically to leaving or divorcing a narcissist. What legal steps work best when divorcing a narcissist? How do you make sure your kids are okay? How do you keep from losing all your money and mental health? Laura answers these questions and more in her new book. Coming in 2020!

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